Amazeballs, Ed. 1: Inca Balls


I’m deeply suspicious of protein powder. I don’t know if it’s because I’m sure you can get enough protein by consuming actual food, or because it smells exactly like the bottle formula we used to give to the poddy lambs.

Actually yeah, it’s definitely about the lambs.

Anyway, I was curious about maca powder so I decided to give it a go in some balls. These are deliciously fudgey and maltey, and I’m proud that they worked out well given that they are the result of an inspired I’m-going-to-support-the-boyfriend’s-gym-project-while-also-getting-to-make-a-mess-in-the-kitchen-inventing-stuff moment. They’ve conquered my fear (by olfactory association) of protein powder, and I’ll be making more of these for myself!


Make a meal of it:
Note: I used a processor, but if you don’t mind paying extra for pre-made almond meal, you don’t really need one.
Makes about a week’s worth of emergency snacks.

2 cups almonds
1/2 cup cocoa (yeah yeah, I’ll use raw cacao when I finish my tin of cocoa, okay?)
1/3 cup vanilla protein powder
3 tbsp maca powder
3 tbsp coconut oil
1-2 tbsp raw honey
Pinch or two of chili (because chili chocolate)
Shredded coconut for rolling

1. Blend the almonds, cocoa, maca, chili, and protein powders.
2. Heat honey and coconut oil together until the oil has softened.
3. Mix it all in a bowl and roll into balls.
4. Roll in the shredded coconut and you’re good to go…
and go…
and go…
and go!


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