Amazeballs, Ed. 2: Gingerbread Cashew Balls

You know those ‘Nakd’ bars you can get at the supermarket?

The ones that are super delicious, but they cost you so much it’s really hard to believe that all they put in them is fruit and nuts?

Trust tightarse Little L to find a way around that!


Make a meal of it:

Note: You’ll need a processor for this one.
Makes a generous week’s worth.

1 heaped cup date paste (combine pitted dates and a splash of water in the processor, and mush away!)
2 1/2 cups coarsely blended cashew meal
1/4 cup vanilla protein powder
2 tsp ginger juice (put ginger through the garlic crusher and juice comes out; alternatively, use powdered ginger)
A few shakes of ground nutmeg
Sesame seeds for rolling

1.  Mix it all together, roll into balls.
2. Dip in sesame seeds.
3. Pop into mouth and be genuinely surprised at how satisfying they are. I actually went back into the kitchen to sneak a few more of these while the pictures were loading.




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