Yes, This Woman


Because my male friends have used physical force to prevent me from leaving a bar and walking home alone.

Because I feel less safe in a taxi.

Because helping a woman escape unwanted attention = cockblocking.

Because apparently a man changing his opinion of my moral standing is the only motivation I have for turning him down.

Because the creep outside my window only left after he saw there was a guy in the house.

Because I didn’t realise how effective “I have a boyfriend” is until I got one.

Because I can’t work out at home some days due to the audience it gathers.

Because I was told I needed to make more of an effort at work when I didn’t wear make up one day.

Because I was told to remove my makeup when I wasn’t wearing any.

Because I got in trouble for insulting a boy at school who frequently lifted up my dress.

Because I also got in trouble for wearing shorts instead.

Because he was not reprimanded at all – boys will be boys, yadda yadda yadda.

Because taking bets on my bra size was deemed acceptable workplace behaviour.

Because I wear a sports bra if I am feeling particularly averse to attention that day.

Because it works.


Because when a stranger put his whole face in my cleavage last weekend, it was “hilarious”.

Because men who make their wives uncomfortable by flirting with me are the best tippers.

Because I was told I would lose my job if I refused service to a male customer who physically hurt me inside the store.

Because I am not overreacting, I am not hysterical, I am not on my period and I do not need to relax.

Because I’ve watched people make rape jokes in front of friends who were raped.

Because NONE of them reported it.

My experience as a woman is unnacceptable, but unexceptional – which is exactly why I’m thrilled that #yesallwomen is making headlines and equally thrilled that #notallmen are passing it off as hysteria. Nice one, internet! 



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