Listening: to the rain on the tin roof of my new place.
Planning:  a movie with friends tonight; the Rio trip in a few months.
Eating: the last of the figs I pinched from Hahndorf.
Drinking:  ‘the dumping of dreams’ – a gift from a fellow tea drinker with a sense of humour.
Smelling: my found goods market candle
Wearing:  cosy bunny slippers
Loving:  days off, the Adelaide hills in Autumn, cheeky foals, my battered iphone camera.
Feeling: grounded

Thinking: how the universe has a way of coming up with the goods when you slow down, take a step back, and let it.




Adelaide Hills






A for Autumn; H de Hoja


It’s 19 degrees today and I needed a scarf, gloves and boots just to make it to the supermarket. “More of a summer person” is the understatement of the year, and for me autumn is as much about coming to grips with the impending doom of winter as it is about pretty trees and Bosc pears.

My sister and ‘other half in the other half of the world’ Paula, on the other hand, has an incredible knack for seeing past the big picture and finding beauty in tiny moments. Spanish speakers really need to check out her thoughts on watching an autumn leaf dance with the wind on its way to the ground. The girl is a force to be reckoned with and a huge inspiration to everyone around her. I was in the Adelaide hills the other day on a bit of a family day trip, and every time I saw a leaf fall, I was reminded of her gorgeous way of looking at the world and her talent at communicating it through writing. Seriously, go check her out.

IMG_4755 IMG_4789


Hutt to Henley: Adelaide’s Linear Park


Autumn has well and truly hit our sleepy city, and us ‘summer types’ are struggling to get our bodies to readjust back to non-daylight-savings hours. My electric blanket has been getting a lot of use lately, and I’m trying to get my head around the idea of learning to wear pants again (shudder). In a desperate attempt to make the most of Adelaide’s last few sunny days, I’ve rediscovered my love of Linear Park and have been dragging friends along with me for picnic rides. It started as a date idea two weekends ago and (as often happens around our place) evolved into a bit of a Sunday community gathering, albeit one restricted by work and hangovers.

The park stretches all the way from Athelstone and winds its way along the river Torrens through the city. It passes landmarks like the Adelaide Zoo, the Botanic Gardens, the University, the Festival Centre, Elder Park, and the West End Brewery. Then it continues all the way down to the mouth of the Torrens at picturesque Henley Beach. Going at a leisurely, chat-friendly pace , it’s a long enough ride to fill up an afternoon but there aren’t any major hills or dirt sections to contend with – and once you’re on the track, it’s ALL off the road and out of traffic! Give yourself three hours (return) from the CBD to gently wind around next to the river.

Oh, and crucial information: bring carrots.


Last Sunday, we were lucky enough to have the lovely Diana make a big, delicious, Mexican-themed breakfast for everyone before we set off. This is not the first time mi amiga has invited herself over and/or broken into the Hutt to cook for everyone, tortilla press and chilli sauce in tow – and I certainly hope it won’t be the last! Unfortunately I was only able to join for part of the ride last week, but even the section from the city to the brewery is green and spacious enough to feel like you’ve gotten out of the concrete mass for a while.

Diana poses with her bike and a matching toy she found at our house.

Looking out across the Torrens.


Matheus found another Flamengo Football Club fan at the beach.

Horses, bikes, no cars, trees, the river, the beach, and an excuse for a picnic.

Easy to see why it’s one of my favourite escapes Adelaide, right?

Map of Linear Park here.