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Oh, Fudge

I know, I know, what happened to the healthy recipes I started out with? I’ve got more coming, I promise! But since this blog was created in the spirit of passing things on that I find helpful, I can’t not post this recipe. Fudge is a crowd pleaser, plain and simple, and this one’s so easy to pull together at the last minute – as in, when you find out about a bake sale fundraiser with less than 24 hours notice, two shifts at two jobs to get through, and an entire week’s worth of washing, cleaning and grocery shopping to do.

Nigella friggin’ who?

Even better than the convenience of this recipe is how much people love it. It’s made many appearances at parties, beach bonfires and fundraisers over the years. My friend Marc still talks about that time I made some for his birthday, and the leftover bits around the edges from my latest batch were popular enough that when my boyfriend went to have another piece, he discovered his housemates had polished off the lot overnight. Even the bus driver on my way over there asked for seconds!

So no, it’s not healthy or gourmet or even really wholesomely home-made. But there’s a time and a place for this fudge, and it works.

Chocolate Fuge

Make a meal of it:

– 500 grams chocolate (I use Cadbury’s 70% Old Gold, because there’s usually a two-for-one deal on it at the supermarket)
– 1 tin (395 grams) condensed milk
– 2 tbsp butter


Nuts, spices, lollies, whatever you can think of to jazz it up a bit! I usually opt for roast almonds and a chili chai spice blend (cinnamon, cloves, allspice and cayenne – all to taste.)

1. Over low heat in a saucepan, melt the base ingredients together. I should probably advise to place the saucepan inside another frying pan with some water to keep the chocolate from burning, but to be honest I never bother with that myself. I’m just careful not to let it get too hot and to stir constantly.
2. Once you have a big, melted ball in the saucepan, stir in the extra spices/nuts/lollies.
3. Spread out onto a large plate or baking dish, lined with baking paper.
4. Poke and prod until you have a more or less flat slab of fudge. Some of the butter may creep to the top during this process – dab it off with some paper towel if you need to.
5. Cover and allow to set in the fridge overnight.

The fudge is melt-proof throughout most of the year, with the exception of Adelaide summers when it’s best stored in the fridge. You can make harder or softer versions by adjusting the condensed milk : chocolate ratio.

oh fudge

Bake Sale Bonus: Carousel cupcakes! I was making the fudge for a fundraiser for the horse shelter I volunteer for, so naturally some horsey-themed treats also had to be created! This was a cute idea that proved very popular with the younger ones and sold fast (even though they were just boring vanilla cupcakes).

carousel cupcake