Lassi a la Little L



Wandering around Adelaide’s Central Market in a bit of a dehydrated, sleep-deprived daze, I saw some pretty Mexican mangoes arranged in one of the stalls. I thought mangoes. I thought coconut water. I thought smoothie. Then halfway through blending them I thought, ‘Hey, this is almost like a Lassi!’ So I added spices and bam! Delicious & guilt free mango almost-lassi.

Make a meal of it:

250 mls coconut water
1 mango
1/3 cup natural yoghurt or kefir
2 tbsp chia seeds, soaked for ten minutes in some of the coconut water
a pinch each of salt, cardamom and turmeric



Green Smoothie (that doesn’t taste green)


I know, I know. Green smoothie drinkers are about as tedious as lunch instagrammers, but guys?

These things just taste like banana & strawberries – NOT like the juice from Popeye’s rubbish bin.

I know you’ve heard it all before, but they really do make me feel great and they’re an easy transportable fuel for those crazy long days with two jobs, bus rides and no time for breakfast.

Make a meal of it:
Makes one jar-sized smoothie.
3-4 strawberries (tightarse tip: I hoard the slightly too ripe ones when they’re on special, and freeze them. The blender seems to cope with this).
1 large banana
1 generous handful baby spinach
1 tsp spirulina, green mix, matcha or similar
2/3 cup liquid, to ease blending. I use kefir, but yoghurt or coconut water also work fine.

Chuck it all in a blender, whizz away, and try not to shove your health kick down other people’s throats.